Model ED

The ED-model extends the E-models for diagonal cut and logically "D" means diagonal, moreover the ED-model offers the sizes from BB26ED to BB34ED. 

The ED-models are hard to miss thanks to its unusual design and extend the possibilities of E-models. Panels are cut at 45°, creating the appearance that conventional balloons can achieve with difficulties and at great cost only. This cut has a long tradition in the USA, but gradually gaining its position in other destinations. Different orientation panels can then create variety of envelope designs - "spiral", "roof", "semi-spiral" and others - you can see more in the gallery.

ED series envelope

The smaller ED-models sizes are identic to E-models and have identical technical parameters, the same combinations with baskets and burners applies to them. ED-models have full nomex mouth and nomex fabric scoop withaut any extra charge. The diagonal cut is very attractive and charming but it is not suitable for the artwork or the special graphic technics as the airbrush! 




Model overview

Model Volume [m3 / tis. ft3] # of Gores Optimal # of Passengers Typical weight [kg] Graphic sheet
BB20ED 2000 / 70 12 pilot + 1 85 PDF [268 kB]
BB22ED 2200 / 77 12 pilot + 1 - 2 95 PDF [502 kB]
BB26ED 2600 / 90 12 pilot + 2 100 PDF [503 kB]
BB30ED 3000 / 105 12 pilot + 3 100 PDF [425 kB]
BB34ED 3400 / 120 12 pilot + 4 125 PDF [586 kB]

Approved basket and burner combinations are listed in this table

Standard envelope equipment and configuration

The standard envelope equipment includes:

  • Nomex mouth
  • Nomex fabric scoop
  • Envelope bag
  • Spare fabric
  • Control ropes with nomex covering
  • Crown line
  • Parachute deflation system
  • Call signs
  • 4 Stubai carabiner
  • Melting link

Diagonal cut ED-Model envelopes are made of Kubicek Polyester fabric as standard.