Kubicek Polyester Light

Kubicek Balloons is the only balloon company in the world who produces its own fabric; in fact we also invented this unique fabric for use in hot air balloons. Fabric is the most important part of a balloon envelope and having control of production means that we know precisely what will go into your envelope. Like all products our fabric is constantly being developed to improve the life, strength and brightness of our balloons. The latest version of our fabric is called Kubicek Polyester Light.

The Light Fabric is an addition to the current line of fabrics used by Kubicek Balloons. Besides Kubicek Polyester and Hyperlast fabric, the Kubicek Polyester Light fabric aims for 2 segments private flying (with both regular and special shapes) and competition ballooning. Kubicek Polyester fabric stands for long life, hyperlast fabric is known for its mechanical strenght and the Kubicek Polyester Light brings you easy handling and low weight of the envelope.

Kubicek Polyester Light vs Kubicek Polyester

  Kubicek Polyester Light Kubicek Polyester
Weight (g/m2) 43  68
Flight Hours 400 - 500  700 - 1000
Grabtest (kg) 13.5 13.5
Max. Envelope Temperature (°C) 124 124 
Tear Strenght (N) 15 - 25 25 - 30
BB26E Envelope Total Weight (Kg) 75 100
Recommended Envelope Sizes BB9E - BB40Z (31 - 140) BB9E - BB100Z (31 - 350)
Standard Colour Shades 9 30

Polyester Properties Remain Unchanged!

the weight is not the only advantage of the Kubicek Polyester Light, all other advantages of the Kubicek Polyester remain unchanged!

  • Color stability
  • Maximal envelope temperature is the same as the Kubicek Polyester
  • Overheat resistance
  • No degradationin extreme overheating
  • Moisture and fungi resistance
  • Top level quality - both Kubicek Polyester and Kubicek Polyester Light are developed „In House“ 

Test and Development

The product Kubicek Polester Light may be new on the market but our test pilots know it really by heart. When Kubicek Polester Light was first offered to the public they had been flying it for several years. The first lightweight envelope was produced 2013 and has flown already for more than 200 hours without any trouble.