Contact your representative in your region

Dealer Network

Kubicek has a dealer network across the US. Please call anyone of them with any questions.
Or feel free to contact the US General Sales Manager Mike Bauwens.


    Mike Bauwens, Utah
    Serves in Idaho, Utah, west of Rocky Mountains in Wyoming

    Mike Bauwens - Balloon the Rockies
    7749 Whileaway Rd W
    UT 84098 Park City, Utah
    Phone: (435) 513-1210
    Curt Pengelly
    Sales Representative
    Serves in Idaho

    Curt Pengelly
    Phone: 208-890-7180

    Allen Anderson, Nevada
    Serves in Nevada
    Nevada, Washington, Oregon

    Allen Anderson
    2809 Pamela Place
    89423 Minden, Nevada
    Phone: (775) 450-2217

    Sales representatives serving Kubicek Northwest

    Pat Irwin
    Phone: (775) 762-9119

    Chris Hancock
    Portland Rose Balloons
    Business: (503)-638-1301
    Mobile: (971) 285-0469


    Brad Craig, Iowa
    Serves in the Central North area
    North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas north of road 70, Minnesota, Missouri north of road 70, Nebraska

    Brad Craig
    3002-183rd ave
    500 47 Carlisle, Iowa
    Phone: (515) 975-3300
  • Rob Nutting, Iowa
    Serves in the North area
    North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota

    Ballooning Adventures LLC
    Indianola, Iowa
    Phone: (515) 779-1018
    Doug Grimes, New Mexico
    Serves in the Desert area
    New Mexico, Arizona, south California (up to Mojave desert)

    Discover Balloons
    205-C San Felipe NW
    87104 Albuquerque, NM
    Phone: 505-842-1111
    Phone: 505-401-9414
    Wil LaPointe, Oklahoma
    Serves in the Central South area
    Arkansas, Oklahoma, south Kansas up to road 70, south Missouri up to road 70, Louisiana

    Wil LaPointe
    1616 West Oak St.
    740 21 Collinsville, Oklahoma
    Phone: (918) 850-2359
    Harold Bubba Cliver, Christopher Cliver, Texas
    Serve in Texas

    Harold Bubba Cliver
    1168 Annalea Cove Drive
    Lewisville, TX 75056
    Phone: 214-801-7038

    Christopher Cliver
    218 Sydnor St
    Houston TX 77020
    Phone: 432-559-4321

    Jim Marshall, California
    Serves in the Pacific area
    California (North of Mojave desert)

    Marshall Balloon Services
    120 Temelec Circle
    954 76 Sonoma, California
    Phone: (707) 287-6778

    Luke Russel,
    Serves in Ohio, Kentucky

    Luke Russel
    1474 Hazel ave.
    Madison, OH 44057
    Phone (mobile): (330)639-7845

    Rick Kerber
    Serves in Michigan

    Rick Kerber
    Phone: (616) 262-1155

    Justin Cox
    Serves in Wisconsin, Illionis, Indiana

    14472 Jeremy Dr.
    Carmel, IN 46033
    Phone: (317)753-8910

    Bert Padelt, Pennsylvania
    Serves in Atlantic Mid area
    Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia

    Best Aviation Services. Inc.
    617 Walnut Street
    P.O. Box 183
    Bally, PA 19503
    Phone: (610) 845-7857
    Ken Tadolini, Colorado
    Serves in Rocky Mountains area
    Colorado, east of Rocky Mountains in Wyoming, Montana

    Ken Tadolini
    5075 W Alaska Place
    802 19 Denver, Colorado
    Phone: (303) 936-0292
    Fax: (303) 936-0292
    Phone: (303) 525-8997
  • David Hettich 
    7176 S. Willow Street
    Centennial, CO 80112
    Phone: (303) 717-7196
    Tom Warren, Florida
    Serves in Atlantic South area
    Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee

    Tom Warren
    22927 Bradenwood Ct
    Land O Lakes, Fl 34639, Florida
    Phone: 813-243-9507


Easy Maintenance

There are many repair stations approved to work on a Kubicek balloons in the US. In case your repair station does not have the Kubicek approval, your dealer will assist your repair station in getting approved. It is a very simple process. Use our service hot-line in case of any question.

Spare Parts Without Delay

With each newly purchased Kubicek balloon you get sufficient quantity of fabric of all colors (including Nomex) of your balloon.
In the event that some fabric or other parts are missing, most spare parts are stocked in US for quick delivery.

Just contact Jim Marshall at 707 287 6778.

Reasonable Pricing

Kubicek prices are very reasonable compared to other manufacturers. Ask your local dealer for more details on current pricing for major components.

Use Your Current Bottom-End

Kubicek dealers will arrange matching of a new Kubicek envelope with your current bottom-end by Supplemental Type Certificate.


Most balloons are shipped by airfreight to the US. The average delivery time is about 8 days. Costs are reasonable. When coupled with Kubicek’s unbeatable price point, the shipping costs are not significant. Import fees are also nominal as there is no duty required for hot air balloon imports.

Delivery on Time

Kubicek can deliver the balloon directly to the client. The average delivery time is less than 10 weeks. Kubicek doesn’t make unrealistic promises about delivery times. What is promised is always kept!