Envelope Options

Please note that not all of the accessories below may be available with all types and sizes of balloons. You can set up your own balloon in our configurator, which will help you choose the correct equipment.

FDS - Fast Deflation System

The FDS is used for fast, easy and effective deflation after landing. For more information about our many deflation systems, please follow this link.

Rotation Vents

Rotation vents

Rotation vents enable the balloon basket to be turned so that it is correctly orientated for landing. This ensures the comfort of the passengers and is an option when flying an open basket; when flying a partitioned basket rotation vents are mandatory.

Rotation vents are fitted on the sides of an envelope at its widest point. When one is rotation vent is opened it turns the balloon around its vertical axis. It is normal to have two rotation vents so that the balloon can be rotated in either direction. The size of the vents relate to the size of the envelope, the bigger balloon, the larger the vents.

Higher Nomex

Additional nomex - 1/2 panelAdditional nomex - 1 panel

All Kubicek balloons are built with a band of Nomex around the mouth of the envelope. This Nomex band is, as standard, one panel high except on the E type where it is 35 cm high. Adding an extra panel of Nomex all the way around the balloon provides extra protection against burn damage to the first panel of regular fabric and can save repair costs. This is particulary important in racers and passenger ride balloons.

We offer two options:

  • an extra ½ panel (left picture)
  • an extra complete panel (right picture)

Kevlar Flying Wires

Kevlar wire

In the USA Kevlar flying wires are a very popular option among pilots, this is because they provide some security if the balloon contacts power lines and, as a result, insurance premiums are sometimes reduced. Kevlar flying wires are an option on all balloons built by Kubicek.

These flying wires have a Kevlar core with a Nomex covering. This Nomex covering, instead of the more common polyester, gives an extended life for our Kevlar flying wires and it rare that they have to be changed. However these wires have a simple attachment and it is easy to replace them in the field.

See-through Envelope Window

See-safe envelope windows

Clear view windows at the top of a balloon envelope are very useful when flying in the close proximity of other balloons, particularly in competitions when pilots need to be very aware of the sky above them. Kubicek clear view windows are made from a high-temp resistant foil, which is very flexible.

Kubicek can install any number of these windows up to a maximum of one in every second gore. In  eXtreme Racers and Super Sport balloons an additional central window can be fitted so that it covers the blind spot straight up above the balloon.

Racing Scoop

Racing scoopDesigned for the competitive pilot who wants all the toys! The racing scoop has a scalloped top edge that allows air to enter the scoop side of the envelope and pressurise this side in a fast descent – and of course it looks good.


Rough Terrain Equipment

Equipment that protects the pilot and passengers in the most hostile terain such as Turkey and Africa. Read more about this equipment in the article of technical advice.

Second Crown Line

For larger balloons that will be taking off in windy conditions, we recommend a second crown line. On envelopes of 10,000 m3 (350,000 cuft) and above, a second crown line is included as a part of its standard equipment.