eXtreme Racer

“Buckle up!” Or maybe, “From competitive pilots for competitive pilots.” Either way, both phrases can exactly express the meaning of eXtreme Racer. Designed by our team of engineers involved in the top CIA events worldwide as the ultimate and uncompromising racer for the most demanding pilots.

Kubicek eXtreme Racers by take-off

eXtreme Racer envelope

In the beginning, there was a simple claim of our factory pilots: “Build us the best tool for competition.” And now we know we are right, when we proudly say: “Here it is!”

In order to reach the highest ascend/descend rate of unbelievable 9 m/s / 1800 ft/min, our engineers came up with a very slim, football-shaped design. There are no side movements during the maximum rates and no collapsing of the balloon either. Sometimes it just feels too safe to descend at the speed of 9 m/s

By using all mathematical and aerodynamical models, we have designed an envelope with optimal surrounding air-flow and minimizing the aerodynamical resistance. Due to these facts, the eXtreme Racer can not only reach the highest vertical speed, but it also reacts very quickly to piloting.

BB20XR Gossard

Since the balloon is designed for achieving the highest performance, it comes with a series of safety elements:

A Parachute is included in the balloon as default, but for maximum performance we do recommend to have a Paralite inside. This type of an envelope cannot be equipped by standard FDS Slide vent, since we cannot guarantee its safety during fast ascend. Another casual option is taller nomex. Upon request a Rotation vent can be installed too.

*optional item not in standard

Model overview

Type Volume [m3] Volume [cuft] # of Gores Optimal # of Passengers Typical weight [kg] Graphic sheet
BB17XR 1,700 60,000 16 pilot 75 PDF [258 kB]
BB20XR 2,000 70,000 20 pilot + navigator 85 PDF [201 kB]

Suitable and certified combinations with baskets and burners are to be found in this table. Recommended basket for these envelopes is K13 Sport

Standard equipment:

  • Full size nomex mouth - first envelope panel
  • Full nomex scoop
  • Balloon transportation bag
  • Spare fabric
  • Nomex braided control lines
  • Parachute
  • Crown line
  • Registration marks
  • 4 Stubai karabiners
  • Melting link

The envelope is by default made of Kubicek Polyester fabric.

Additional envelope equipment

Feel free to find all the specified additional equipment here.