Welcome at KubicekBalloons.us

... the special new website for American friends of Kubicek Balloons (try to pronounce Koo-bee-check), currently the only polyester balloons manufacturer in the World.

Here you will find answers to the regular questions that we are asked. 'How can I buy a balloon from Kubicek?', ' Who shall I contact?', 'What are our prices in USD?' or 'What on earth is kPa?'. For more complicated, or technical, questions please either contact your local Kubicek dealer or go to the Worldwide website of the factory www.kubicekballoons.eu.

Have you noticed the updated TCDS with long series of new models, just certified in U.S.A.?
Since November 2009 you can buy now: eight new envelopes from 60 to 300, five new basket types, doors and passenger seats for most of our baskets and especially for you, pilots in U.S., we have certified also your favourite kevlar flying wires!

Let's start new season with very new BB20XR eXtreme Racer of ZOO series with bothsides digitally printed artwork with animal motive.

BALÓNY KUBÍÈEK spol. s r.o.
Jarní 2a, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic, Europe
phone: 011 420 545 422 632, fax: 011 420 545 422 621
e-mail: info@kubicekballoons.cz