Convenient Service

Dealer's network

Kubicek has a dealer network across the US. Please call anyone of them with questions. Or feel free to contact a US general sales manager Mike Bauwens.


West: Mike Bauwens
Phone: (435) 649-2517

Desert: Doug Grimes
Phone: (505) 842-1111

Central North: Brad Craig
Phone: (515) 975-3300

Central South: Wil Lapointe
Phone: (918) 850-2359

Pacific: Jim Marshall
Phone: (707) 287-6778

Rocky Mountains: Ken Tadolini
Phone: (303) 936-0292

Great Lakes: John Moran
Phone: (330) 924-2677

North Atlantic: Bert Padelt
Phone: (610) 845-7857

South Atlantic: Tom Warren
Phone: (813) 363-2287

Easy maintenance

The US has many repair stations approved to work on a Kubicek balloon. In case your repair station does not have a Kubicek approval, your dealer will assist your repair station in getting approved. It is a very simple process. Use our service hot-line in case of any question.

Spare parts with no delay

Kubicek includes sufficient quantity of each colour (including Nomex) used in your balloon, with each purchase. In the event more fabric or other parts are needed, most spare parts are stocked in US for quick delivery.

Just contact Jim Marshall at 707 287 6778.

Reasonable pricing

Kubicek’s prices are very reasonable compared to other manufacturers. Ask your local dealer for more details on current pricing for major components.

Use your current bottom-end

Kubicek dealers will arrange matching of a new Kubicek envelope with your current bottom-end by Supplemental Type Certificate.


Most balloons are shipped by airfreight to the US. The average delivery time is about 8 days. Costs are reasonable. When coupled with Kubicek’s unbeatable price point, the shipping costs are not significant. Import fees are also nominal as there is no duty required for hot air balloon imports.

Delivery on time

Kubicek can deliver the balloon directly to the client. The average delivery time is less than 10 weeks. Kubicek doesn’t make unrealistic promises about delivery times. What is promised is always kept!


You ask, we answer:

Lenka KrejčováKamila, assistant
answers whatever you ask


David, salesman
cares for US, Japanese and worldwide customers


Petr KubíčekPetr
coordinates dealers'network


Ondřej BenešOndřej, service & after-sales care
solves maintenance, inspections and complaints